Have you ever woken from a dream that mystified, delighted or scared the pajamas off you wondering what it could mean?

Adelita Chirino


Dream Teacher

Hi and Welcome! My name is Adelita Chirino. I’ve been helping people tune in and turn on to their dream lives for over forty years. Dreaming is organic spirituality; we are all born with this innate spiritual radar. We all dream. Even if we don’t remember our dreams, it’s something we can learn to do.

Why should we? For many people growing up, dreams were dismissed as inconsequential, “just a dream.” The truth is dreams are multi-faceted experiences that have much to offer us in waking life. They can hold a mirror up to our behaviors, alert us to possible future events, allow us contact with our beloved departed and take us places that are as real as any physical location in waking life.

"Once upon a time, I dreamt I was a butterfly, I was concious only of my happiness as a butterfly unaware that I was myself...

Soon I woke, and there I was, myself again. Now I do not know whether I was then a man dreaming I was a butterfly, or whether I am now a butterfly, dreaming I am a man."
     - Zhuangzi (3rd Century, BCE)

Modern dreamwork has moved far beyond the therapist’s couch. Today, most dream teachers recognize and respect that only the dreamer knows the meaning of their own dream. As a dream teacher, I help the dreamer learn how to recognize what their dreams offer them.

There is no generic interpretation of symbols or characters or events in dreams because dreams are born from our unique life experience and purpose. Together we can identify and translate the unique language of your dreams.

I use an approach to dreamwork called Active Dreaming, created by author and shamanic dream teacher, Robert Moss. Active Dreaming combines the best of modern dreamwork with ancient and indigenous dreaming practices to create a modern synthesis that’s experiential, fun and deeply spiritual. I co-produced, directed and edited an eight course video introduction to Active Dreaming taught by Robert Moss and available through Psyche Productions

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“We are born to fly and in dreams we discover that the soul has wings” Robert Moss, “The Way of the Dreamer.”

The famous Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Jung believed that dreams create a crucial balance between our outer and inner life, our ego and our soul/psyche. Thus dreams, even the big fat scary ones, come in the service of health and healing. If dreams have been the source of fear or unease for you, I can help you confront them safely. My goal as a dream teacher is to help you find the healing gift in your dreams.

"Monkey Love."

One night, in my dreams, we came face to face.
I reached out my arms to you
and you poured yourself into them
with all your monkey love.

I was in a long boat,
drifting under the tree
where you hung out
on a branch low to the water.

We came face to face.

The face of god is love –
Funny, monkey love.

- Adelita Chirino (2005)

Listen to Adelita and Robert Moss discuss the practical gifts of Active Dreaming on his Way of the Dreamer radio show!