We can explore your dreams for one session or over several sessions. My sessions and workshops are offered virtually on Zoom or in person.


I can help you learn:


How to improve your dream recall

How to develop a relationship to your own dreaming existence

How to understand the symbolic language of your dreams

How to defuse the fear some dreams instill and use the energy of scary dreams to live more courageously

How to harvest the rich gifts to body, mind and soul that dreams offer us when we pay attention

How to have fun and expand your creativity with dreams as your inspiration


Although our work may feel therapeutic, it is not therapy nor should it be pursued instead of therapy. If I feel you would better benefit from psychotherapy, I will suggest a positive alternative course to dream study at this time.

Individual session, one and a half hours:      $50

Two - Three people, two hours:      $75

Group – Four – Six persons:      $25 / person


I also offer group presentations, workshops and sermons. Contact me to discuss details.